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#1----> XB
#2----> XA ( below XB )
special thanks to scion life for providing the pictured used in this How-to!
You are doing this at your own risk, we can not be held responcible for any skrew ups!
you do not need to remove any part of the actual dash... you remove the speedo part of the dash..

Click for larger Pix

1) While pushing down on the back of cluster pull back towards you on the plastic molding surrounding the gauge cluster. Then pop off the other side of the molding by pulling back towards you.

2) There are three Philips screws you can easily remove with a Philips head screw driver (who would have thought.) After you remove the screws pull back on the whole cluster gently, it shouldn't take too much force.

3) Make sure the vehicle power is off (don't worry about the open door light, just no keys in the ignition etc.) Push down on the tab holding the wiring harness in place and remove the wiring harness. [ Note: when you do this you will lose all your miles on your trip A and B odometer ]

4) Push the tabs in holding the clear gauge cover in and remove it.

5) Ahh the fun part.. Now carefully take note of where the needles are located. With a flat head screwdriver (or a needle popper) remove all 3 needles. [ Be careful these little bastards can shoot 20+ft. , I lost my speedo needle doing this tech article. But found it shortly after. ] After you get the needles off you can easily pop the gauge face off and slide it off the gauge cluster.

6) Remove the plastic back piece with the flat head screwdriver.

XA Speedo Installation Instructions
WE can not be held responcible for your screwups!
Tools Needed
#1 Metal Picker ( for Prying out the Screw Covers )
#2 Phillips Screwdriver
Step 1

remove clip pins from the inside top of cluster Using the Picker.

Setp 2

pull the cover plate off top parts goes down and rest pulls straight out

Step 3

Pull off the Pannel
Step 4
Remove 3 screws from left and bottom Using a Phillipps screwdriver
Step 5
Pull it all out. becarefull of the wiring haness, and try not to scratch up the clear plastic
Step 6
Now with it out, Unclip all retainer clips around outside edge
Step 7
Take a screw driver and pop off needles straight up. becarefull these needles tent to pop off with alot of pressure. Try to put the screwdriver as close to the base of the needle as poccible
Step 8
 Take off the old faceplate and put the new one back in
Step 9
Put it all back together!